Auditions are open to all!
Auditions for musical productions require a memorized song. Please bring sheet music. Scenes for reading will be provided for stage play auditions. All auditions are held at the Reedley Opera House. At the audition be prepared to fill out an audition form (vocal range, experience, etc.). On this form please list all rehearsal conflicts. The director will consider rehearsal conflicts during the audition process. If you have a performance conflict, please see the director. It is the goal of River City Theatre Company to help you succeed during the audition process. Please relax and enjoy the experience. Rehearsals are typically scheduled Monday through Friday 6:00pm-8:30pm. As Opening Night approaches rehearsals may run longer.

Auditions begin at 2pm (unless noted below)

Auditions are held at the Reedley Opera House, 1720 10th Street, Downtown Reedley

Audition date and time are subject to change.

Route 66

            Auditions      July 22, 2017 at 2pm

            Rehearsals    August 14, 2017


Cast List for Legends One Hit Wonders

Older Man – Larry Ham

Younger Man – Joseph Ham

Stephanie Barnett

Jessica Williams

Carissa Hall

Fran Callahan

Jayromy Mercado

Caesar Torres

Mason Garcia

Tan Clark

Steve Jones