Auditions are open to ALL!
How It Works:
  • Auditions for musical productions require 16 to 32 bars of a memorized song, so please bring sheet music in the key you would like to sing; a piano accompaniest will provided.
  • Auditions for musical productions may include a short dance audition taught by the choreographer, so please bring comfortable clothes/shoes and be ready to dance!
  • Scenes for reading will be provided for stage play auditions.
  • At the audition, be prepared to fill out an audition form, which includes basic contact information, prior experience, etc. If you don't have any prior theatre experience, don't worry, it is NOT required! On this form, you will also be asked to list all rehearsal conflicts (rehearsal dates will be shown on the audition form). The director will consider all rehearsal conflicts during the casting process.
  • Performance conflicts are not generally accepted. However, if you do have a performance conflict and would still like to audition for the show, please see the director.
  • It is the goal of River City Theatre Company to help you succeed and have fun during the audition process. Please relax and enjoy the experience!






Auditions begin at 2PM (unless noted below). PLEASE plan to arrive before 2PM in order to fill out your audition form, so that we may get started as close to 2PM as possible in order to be respectful and efficient with everyone's time.



Auditions are held at the Reedley Opera House, 1720 10th Street, Downtown Reedley.


 *Audition dates and times are subject to change



Miracle on 34th Street (Stage Play)


Audition Date: September 23, 2017


Director: Joseph Ham


Show Info: Miracle on 34th Street


Cast List: MiracleOn34thStreetCAST



















Swing! (Musical)


Audition Date: December 9, 2017


Directors: Alexis Macedo & Tidy Gill


Show Info: Swing!















Noises Off (Stage Play)


Audition Date: February 3, 2018


Directors: Tan Clark & Joe Hill


Show Info: Noises Off
















Memphis (Musical)


Audition Date: April 14, 2018


Director: Joseph Ham


Show Info: Memphis















LEGENDS: Icons (Musical) 


Audition Date: June 16, 2018


Director: Tan Clark


Show Info: "LEGENDS: Iconswill be the 7th installment in RCTC's series of original music revues. This year we'll be celebrating those legends whose work in the music industry propelled them to truly become ICONS.













Smokey Joe's Cafe (Musical) 


Audition Date: June 16, 2018


Director: TBA


Show Info: Smokey Joe's Cafe